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What if a fat transfer?

Fat transfers are also referred to as Lipofilling and Liposhifting. The technique involves harvesting fat from one area of the body for injection into an other area. Fat can be transferred to almost any area of the body. The most common area treated is the face. Hollowness of the cheeks and temples can be treated and the upper cheek fat pad can be increased to give a more youthful look.  

How is the fat transfer performed?

The area from which the fat is extracted is referred to as the donor area and the area into which the fat is injected is called the target area.

  • The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic.
  • The skin over the donor area is cleansed with antiseptic
  • Local anaesthetic is infused into the donor area.
  • The fat is harvested into syringes and cleansed to remove impurities
  • The fat may be either stored or used immediately in the target area

The fat harvesting procedure may be performed as part of a Liposculpture, in which case, the fat transfer to the target area will be deferred to an other day.

  • Local anaesthetic is injected into the target area.
  • The skin over the target area is cleased with antiseptic
  • The harvested fat is carefully injected into the target area in very small amounts.
  • Unused fat can be stored for later use.

Only small amounts of fat can be injected into the target area on any one occasion. If excessive fat is injected it will not survive and the correction achieved will be lost.

Follow up appointments will be scheduled at six week intervals to inject any stored fat into the target area. This is done to address any unevenness and any loss of correction.

Post-operative instructions

You will be discharged home after spending a short time in the recovery room. A compression dressing will be present over the donor area. No dressing will be present over the target area.

What will happen?
The result of your fat transfer will be evident immediately.  During the first two days, the needle marks will settle and disappear.  Redness and swelling in the treatment areas will also disappear.  You can apply ice compresses to the treatment areas if you experience any discomfort.

How do I apply ice-compresses?
The most important thing to remember is to never apply ice directly to the skin of the face because it can cause burning of the skin.  Always place a barrier between the ice and the skin.  A suitable barrier is a cloth like a tea towel.  Ideally the cloth should be lightly damp.  Place the ice or ice-pack inside the damp cloth and apply to the treatment areas for 5 to 10 minutes two to four times per day. Apply ice compresses only if necessary, most people do not need them.

What should I avoid?
It is recommended that, for the first 2 days, you avoid all activities that can increase lines and wrinkles on your face.  Keep your face as still as possible to allow the fat to distribute as evenly as possible.  Try to sleep on your back so that the skin on your face will drape evenly.  If your lips have been treated, you should avoid pursing your lips. You should therefore avoid using drinking straws.

What can I do to improve my fat transfer result?

  • Take a multi-vitamin to promote better healing.
  • Take the oral antibiotic prescribed
  • Apply the antibiotic ointment prescribed, to the treated area, morning and night
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the treated area
  • Generally leave the area alone

What must I not do?
For the first 24 hours....

  • Don’t touch the injection site
  • Don’t apply make-up
  • Don’t shampoo your hair 
  • Don’t swim or exercise vigorously
  • Don’t expose yourself to extreme heat or cold
  • Don’t kiss 
  • Don’t drink very hot beverages

What shall I do if my fat transfer result wears off quickly?
Do not panic. Wait four weeks to give the fat transfer adequate time to distribute evenly into the tissues.  If you still feel that the effect of the fat transfer has disappeared, come in for a follow up appointment. 

If you are concerned about anything always call the clinic.


What are the possible complications?
  • Bruising and swelling are a normal outcome of fat transfer procedures. They will take up to two weeks to settle.
  • The correction achieved in the target area may reduce, go down or even disappear if the fat does not survive and is absorbed.
  • Unevenness may develop.
What are the advantages of fat transfers?
  • The main advantage of fat transfer procedures is that you are using your own fat and no foreign substance is used.
  • Recovery is quick
  • Results are almost immediate
  • Results may be permanent
What are the disadvantages of fat transfers?
  • There is a degree of unpredictability because the fat may not survive and may be absorbed.
  • Results can not be guaranteed
  • Repeated fat injections to the target area may be necessary
What is the cost?

Operating theater fee of $1350 plus garment fee of $200. Operating fee for Liposculpture will be charged separately. Fat harvesting fee of $1500 plus fat injection fee $880. The fat injection fee will be charged at follow up visits if further fat injections with stored fat is performed.

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